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3.5 Towards multi-tracer data assimilation capac ity for CO₂-MVS

Anne-Wil van den Berg, Wouter Peters, Maarten Krol coCO₂-project.

This Deliverable sketches the contours of a framework to further exploit satellite observations
of atmospheric species in the CO₂MVS, specifically aimed at determining emissions from
deforestation. It builds on previous work in our community which has demonstrated the large
added value of carbon monoxide (CO) as a tracer for combustion of biomass. We present and
evaluate a modelling framework in which the budgets of CO₂ and CO are fully coupled,
enabling observation-based optimisation of fire carbon emissions which are often linked to
land use change. In the current system, these emissions are constrained only by Fire
Radiative Power (FRP) through the Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS), as part of both
CAMS and the CO₂MVS. To highlight the processes that are important in a future system, we
focused our work on a two-month period of unexpectedly large deforestation emissions in the
Amazon in 2019, when observations from multiple platforms (OCO-2, TROPOMI, MOPITT,
IASI, TCCON, ATTO, Amazon aircraft profiles, NOAA flasks) were available to us.