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Demonstrator systems for using remote sensing data (LAI, VOD, SIF) in online global prior fluxes for the CO2MVS prototype

Jean-Christophe Calvet, Bertrand Bonan, and Oscar Rojas-Munoz (Meteo-France), Anna Agusti-Panareda, Patricia de Rosnay and Peter Weston (ECMWF), Philippe Peylin, Cedric Bacour, Vladislav Bastrikov, and Fabienne Maignan (CEA, LSCE), Thomas Kaminski, Wolfga

The purpose of this work is to ingest satellite observations of leaf area index (LAI), microwave vegetation optical depth (VOD), and solar induced fluorescence (SIF) to constrain the terrestrial biogenic carbon uptake. Numerical experiments performed by 4 modelling approaches (ISBA, ECLand, ORCHIDEE, SDBM) are compared.