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D7.7 Requirements for data streams from additional tracers and new instrumentation

Alex Vermeulen, Ute Karstens, Dario Papale, Konstantinos Politakos, Leo Rivier, Elena Saltikoff, Mirosław Zimnoch

Current operational ICOS data streams have been well defined, including rich metadata and a process for clearly marking the level of quality control and timeliness as well as versioning, licensing and citing using DOIs. 
New data streams such as those created in CoCO2 campaigns can follow the ICOS process with different degrees. In the platinum option, the full ICOS pipeline can be integrated. This is, however, only possible for instruments which provide raw data identical or very similar to existing ICOS instruments. In the gold option, the quality control normally undertaken by one of the Thematic Centres is replaced by a new partner. In the Silver option, the quality control and metadata for a cumulating timeseries are provided daily by the data producer with support of the ICOS Carbon Portal. In the bronze option, the ready processed data arrives in large batches and a DOI is minted for each batch. The fifth option, Flex ingest, is suitable for short-lived campaign datasets, and does not include any processing or QC at ICOS side. This means that raw data can be uploaded through a dedicated sftp account to the ICOS file storage and that the data will be read-only accessible through the ICOS Nextcloud instance for further processing up to L1 or L2 level and then be published using the manual upload process.