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D5.2 Toolbox to derive customized model forcing data and for assessing errors of simulated terrestrial CO2 fluxes from data base of biogenic CO2 flux measurements

Jacob A. Nelson, MPG-Jena

In order to facilitate an assessment of uncertainty and error of estimated biogenic CO2 fluxes, this document reports on a framework linking the up-to-date globally distributed eddy covariance data with a land surface model evaluation toolbox. The database of eddy covariance data includes the measured biogenic fluxes (NEE and GPP) and meteorological data, as well as meteorological data from ERA5 that were calibrated to measured meteorology to facilitate gap-filling and extension back in time. In addition, automated quality control information for each variable is available. All data have been standardized regarding units, metadata, variable names, and file format in a way that is consistent with existing model evaluation exercises. This data base is then hosted at, which acts as a toolbox to allow for automated statistical checks and analysis, which can be customized and updated as needed. Furthermore, coordination within partners has created a pipeline linking the data production and model evaluation components for more seamless and continuous updates in the future.