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Meteo France
About the Organisation

Meteo-France is the French weather service, a governmental organization. Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (CNRM) is a joint research unit of CNRS and Meteo-France in which both entities put together staff and resources for the benefit of the laboratory. In the context of this project, only Meteo-France staff working at CNRM will be involved.

Role in CoCO2

Meteo France is involved in WP3 Global Modelling and data assimilation and WP5 Connecting scales and uncertainties. Meteo-France will contribute to the data assimilation by implementing and operating an updated version of its LDAS-Monde (Albergel et al. 2017) tool based on the latest version of the ISBA land surface model (Delire et al. 2020). Satellite-derived vegetation products will be assimilated in order to better represent terrestrial biospheric carbon exchanges at a global scale. The impact of using high resolution land use description on biogenic fluxes will be assessed using the ECOCLIMAP-SG component of the SURFEX modelling platform.