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Demonstrator of the updated observational FAIR data pipeline

Alex Vermeulen (ICOS ERIC) Ute Karstens (ULUND) Oleg Mirzov (ULUND) Dario Papale (CMCC) Leo Rivier (LSCE) Elena Saltikoff (ICOS ERIC)

This report, deliverable of the CoCO2 project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, focuses on integrating new data streams from various tracers and instruments into the existing ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observations System) data infrastructure. It elaborates on the principles of data ingestion, storage, access, and processing in ICOS, describing various data levels from raw data (Level 0) to elaborated data (Level 3). The report details the development of new data pipelines for CoCO2, including specific case studies like the Heraklion eddy flux towers and the Krakow eddy flux tower. It also covers the data processing workflows and integration with ICOS Cities/PAUL project, which aims to enhance greenhouse gas monitoring in urban environments. The document concludes by highlighting the adaptability of the ICOS-CP process to incorporate diverse data streams while maintaining high data quality standards.