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D6.4 Functional Requirements Specification Document

Frédéric Chevallier, Nicolas Bousserez, Thomas Kaminski; Grégoire Broquet, Audrey Fortems-Cheiney, Marine Remaud, Diego Santaren, Marko Scholze, Luca Cantarello, Wolfgang Knorr, Peter Rayner, Michael Voßbeck

The European Commission is establishing an operational observation-based anthropogenic CO2 emissions monitoring and verification support capacity (CO2MVS) as part of its Copernicus Earth Observation programme. Demonstrator systems for this CO2MVS are being developed in the Prototype System for a Copernicus CO2 service (CoCO2) project. 

The present Functional Requirements Specification Document describes the codes that have been used to generate Figures 2-7 of Deliverable 6.5 titled Emission estimates for year 2021. It explains what these codes do and how they do it. It explains how the user requirements identified by CoCO2  have been addressed from a technical point of view by each demonstrator. The references for each demonstrator are given directly at the end of the section where it is described.