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D6.1 Factsheets with national observation-based carbon budgets

Matthew McGrath, Philippe Peylin, Roxana Petrescu, Robbie Andrew, Chunjing Qiu

The factsheets represent a synthesis of the GHG budgets derived from observation-based flux estimates as well as the estimates reported by each country to the UNFCCC. They are mainly targeting national and regional technical experts as well as policy makers. These factsheets are based on the data and model runs realised in several WPs of the CoCO2 project as well as in the last year of the VERIFY project. They rely on a selection of synthetic plots from a larger ensemble of plots that can be accessed from the same VERIFY webpage ( 

This deliverable presents the factsheets for the countries of the EU27 to illustrate the potential content of the summary factsheets themselves and will be used in upcoming discussion meetings with specific policy user communities. A detailed analysis and comparison of the bottom-up and top-down flux estimates will be made in a later deliverable, in the form of a scientific article (D6.2: Scientific review article on carbon budgets for year 2021). These factsheets are key summaries of GHG budget synthesis, that were regularly published within the VERIFY project: i) for CO2: Petrescu et al., (2021) and McGrath et al. (2023) and ii) for CH4 and N2O: Petrescu et al. (2021, 2022).